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Detection Master Special Offer

Due to the continued success of our special offers, we are offering a substantial discount on Detection Master 3.1. This offer has been extended and now ends on 10 March 2008.

The details of the offer in UK pounds sterling are as follows. These prices are stated free of VAT/Sales tax. For an inclusive up to date calculation in sterling, euros or US dollars please refer to the prices page.

ProductOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount
Detection Master 3.1 Standard40.0018.0055%
Detection Master 3.1 Pro74.0029.0061%
Detection Master 3.1 Forensic97.0034.0065%

Special Offer Codes

Any special offer codes which are sent to customers will over-ride the prices shown above. You will pay the price detailed in the special offer providing the code date is still valid.

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